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Web Developer

Gafar Aleshe

Meet Gafar Aleshe, a young and prodigious web developer at FrontToBack Development. Originating from Nigeria, he brought his vast knowledge and experience to the UK with a vision to conquer the field of computer science. His passion for coding led him to FrontToBack, where he utilizes his skills to create diverse and interactive websites.

Since joining FrontToBack in 2023, Gafar has made a significant impact on the team with his eagerness to learn and adapt. His unwavering commitment to advancing his skills and contributing positively to the company's growth is truly remarkable.

Gafar's journey is a testament to his dedication, passion, and adaptability. His energy and enthusiasm not only enrich his work but also contribute greatly to the vibrant culture of FrontToBack Development.

Interesting Fact

Gafar's dream is to one day visit Silicon Valley, the mecca of innovation and technology.

Outside Of F2B

Away from the coding world, Gafar indulges his tech-savvy side with pursuits such as streaming YouTube, playing video games, and keeping abreast of the latest gadgets. 

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